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Garden Crop Duster

Updated link (original link below):

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.21.02 PM

Sometimes the best way to deliver fertilizer… is with a biplane!

L, R: roll plane
D: pitch up
U: pitch down
A: drop bom… er… fertilizer!

The controls will feel weird starting out; but you can master them! Good luck!


My best high score: 1125

… still beatable though.

Haha, I’m still getting the hang of the controls but this is great

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That flower patch on the left side of the final level keeps on taking all my lives D:<

Really fun game :slight_smile:

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I know exactly which one you mean! :sweat_smile: Thanks!

AHHAH! New hi-score. I missed 2 shots (well, one full miss and one that I could have gotten 2 patches at once on)

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I believe this is a perfect score:

took me A WHILE


very fun game!

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My son just pulled off a perfect run on our Meowbit:

… I haven’t managed the perfect run yet. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for sharing, this is fun!
Definitely needs air plane sounds though :wink:

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