Garden Puzzle snail Most of the credit to Gamegod

Direct the snail to touch the leaf
good luck and have fun

Developer Bill-0-coding
Credit to


Um… I get if you like my game and are trying to make your own version of it, but this is basically my game, so… can I please have credit? (not trying to be rude)

It really upsets me when I work hard and someone just takes my work and labels it as their own.

Especially this.

Would you like it if I took

changed the background, said I was the developer, and put it on the forum with no credit to you?

I didn’t think so.

Okay i apologize you now have the credit you deserve!!

I wouldn’t say “all credit”, you did make the art!

Yeah but you made the hard part.

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And im sorry for changing the subject, But can i have your opinion on my Attack of the dots game?
I just need to know what people think

I think its a great game! I like the concept!

I am working on a very huge update and when im done if you want i will send you the link

Finished update