Attack of the dots v 1.4 UPDATE

Arro keys Updated version!!
STAY AWAY FROM OTHER DOTS Get back your 3 lives with the coin!
updates will come in the future making this better but for now enjoy
Developer; Bill-0-coding


Where is the link


Love it.

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Thank you, a new update with different modes will come out soon!

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Check out my new platformer plz


Also, do you want to help with these?

I will, tomorrow ,its on my profile my newest topic

Hey i have a new update, how do i edit my post so i can paste the link

This could be really interesting, i like it!

new version ( go to different corners for different modes)

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Okay this is really cool, top left corner is a massacre, ah!

Yeah lol, Should i work on a update ( i was thinking more dots or something idk)

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I know i’d play it.

k im going to go try to make a big update , And do you know how i can edit this post to put the new version in?

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I mean, you should be able to just press edit and paste the link in.

Where i the edit button though i dont see it

Okay so you click the edit button and the at the top there is a little chain looking thing that allows you to paste your link in there.

The chain dosnt show when i click the pencil a

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Hmm, that’s weird, it should be right there…it is for me. Try looking for the chain without entering edit mode on a previous post, you should be able to add links without going into edit.