Grandwatch Raiders: 'DSRA"

I have made the 4th mission in the game, but I also removed the extra one called: The ‘Office’. The Office was a bland mission, nothing interesting… but I have added a new mission, I would say it’s pretty difficult since there is detection in it now. use the code [DETECTED] if you want a tutorial on detection also!

Another thing, should I keep working on the game since it takes a long time to even start coding due to the amount of code and tiles I have.

  • Yes
  • No

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Sometimes games like that just get too big to work with, and sometimes at that size they can even break! Id play it safe, already a big game


I think what I want to do is make one last mission and then work on the sequel I’m making

Hey! That’s exactly what’s going on for me and Pixel Smash! I recently checked the Javascript to find that I had over 11000 LINES OF CODE!

keep pushing through!

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might make the cashout idk