Gravity guy!

@Opistickz Asked Me To Make A Low Gravity Platformer. So I Did

Here’s The link To The Discussion

The Reverse Part Took ONE WHOLE WEEK To figure out!



I love the gravity changing physics and the color palette change is super trippy. It reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy. If I had any feedback it would be to maybe make the first level easier. When the first level is difficult, it’s harder for the player to discover and get comfortable with the mechanics. But great game! :wink:

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And may i collab that ill add more levels?

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and thx

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you know you can just download the platformer extension

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@Opistickz Of Course! Add any level you want then show it too me!

@kirbop It kind of reminds me of Mario Galaxy too!

Though to answer the First Level question…There IS NONE! it randomly selects a Level!
Thanks for the FeedBack!

And @Opistickz You Mean The Corgi Platformer? I honestly think making it by scratch is better!