Microsoft MakeCode

Guide to Collaborating

Hi guys, we love to see people working together but please remember to be polite and patient when asking for help. No one on the forums is required to help you, and it’s awesome when they do! Some general guidelines to successfully collaborating:

  • Give as much information as possible when asking for help. Describe your game in detail, and explain what you are trying to do.
  • Only ask once. It may take users some time to respond; do not spam or repeatedly ping users. People may help for a bit, then go do something else, and you should be respectful of others’ time.
  • Participate! We all need to ask for help sometimes, but if you start a project you should also be contributing to it!

And in general, please adhere to the MakeCode Forum Code of Conduct. We’re excited to see what awesome games you make!


This is very well-said! Thank you @shakao!