Gusses adventure 0.1


hi so this is my first game,and right now its not complete. if you want to make suggestions, you can always tell me.

i also am working on the sequel “gusses portal adventure” wright now!

Hi, welcome to the forums gus! I found your game interesting, so I decided to help a little. I think you should make paths like the ones I made. Also, I loaded in an extension that has better animations handling in your case. To add extensions not on the list, paste in the github respiratory URL to load it in. I added this one:

1 Like this is the sequel link

I like this so far, congratulations on your first game

Thanks for the feedback. I am planning on adding the animations in last though because on my projects, i focus on the game play first, and then i make the game play look nice at the end.

It now is called “gusses new adventure”. go check it out! its music is better

I have made a new version of the game,but it just has 2 minor updates,like adding some more fence to the one at the start of the game,and fixing grammar issues. the link is

does anyone want to make the first dungeon? oh also here is the next version,

why did you make it when you talk to the character you go through every sprite? that softlocks the game when you do it before going to the house

heres mine

very cool!

though this is what i was planning on adding there. press menu for it.

mabye you can make the character look like a nintendo lover

hmmm. good idea

its a eyeball with a birthday hat.

Is Gus the bear?

Why is it a bear.

because i have a old gus goober plush, and hes a bear

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