Hack: Teach AI to students through MakeCode

Hello everyone,

Some of us (@jwunderl, @shakao) from the MakeCode team built off beat content during our hackathon. Our goal was to simplify AI concepts to bits and teach them to everyone.

Here is the first set consisting of a skillmap and a tutorial.

Game of life skill map - https://arcade.makecode.com/--skillmap#github:https://github.com/shakao/skillmap-game-of-life

Decision Tree tutorial - https://arcade.makecode.com/#tutorial:github:jwunderl/arcade-pet-class-room/activity1

We are looking for feedback to see if this is interesting and if you would like to see more of this type of content. Let us know your feedback.



Step one of the tutorial downloads to my Meowbit. Then button A pressed stops random pixelation but second press of A restarts it. Button B pressed stops pixelation and pressing again starts and stops on each press. What age group are you aiming for ? I have not gone beyond step one of tutorial. Strange that behavior of pixels on screen responds to button press without stating that in block code. But Iā€™m not complaining , just observing.