Happy Anniversary!

I noticed that Discourse issued me my third Anniversary badge this morning. In many ways, it feels like yesterday that @peli invited me over here after reading a post that I made on Yammer. I had written about how much fun I was having in MakeCode Arcade. Fast forward three years, and I’m having just as much fun today as I was in the very early days of beta testing. It’s a wonderful platform and I talk about it to anyone who will listen. :smile:

It’s wonderful to see that this community has grown and that it spans the globe. I’ve been able to speak in elementary French, even worse Spanish, and certainly abysmal Portuguese … made intelligible only with the help of Bing Translator. :laughing: It’s also great to see familiar names who remain active in this community these three years later. I look forward to seeing MakeCode’s reach continue to grow.

I’m so happy that this platform exists. MakeCode - not just Arcade, but all of its forms - is such a broad canvas with infinite possibilities, which makes the platform so appealing to me. It has this rather unique potential to expand computer science literacy and to reach new talent for the next generation of computer scientists in much the same way that microcomputers, including my beloved Tandy Color Computer, reached out to talent in my generation. It’s something we lost as computers morphed from tools into appliances, and it’s been missing for far too long.

So, happy anniversary to us, MakeCode Forum! It’s been a great ride these past three years, and I have seen some amazing projects. I look forward to what’s in store from the developers and to all of the wonderful new projects that this community creates! Cheers, friends!


Happy Anniversary! :grinning:

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