Hedges & Pylons

Yet another mod of the amazing 3D raycasting demonstrator by mmoskal .
Performs well and looks quite nice on the Meowbit device.
Nothing to do yet, just enjoy the walk :wink:


I love the texture of the leaves and the animated pylons! :+1:

I wish I could code something as complicated as this…alas, my brain can not handle it… :confused:

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The hedges and map layout are awesome!

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I know exactly what you mean. I wish I had the mental capacity to add billboard sprites for actors moving around in the maze, but It’s not gonna happen in this lifetime :smiley:
Good thing that humans can develop different sets of skills and collaborate. :wink:

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HOW DID YOU DO THIS!? I’m just saying, anybody capable of doing this is a genius :exploding_head:. Can someone explain this? I really want to make my own.

@GameGod check it out here:

I believe you can only use it in JS though


The theory behind this kind of perspective projection which was the basis for @mmoskal is explained here:

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Can someone make an extension where you draw the maze and it makes it? Probably not though, it’ll take time.

Wow! This is really cool. Everything looks really unique.

Animated textures though… how is this even possible?!