Hello, I have a question about makecode

Im trying to make it when a character throws somthing it throws it the direction my character is facing, Is there anyway to do so?

hello! it depends. do you want the character to throw in an arc, or just fire a projectile like a rocket or a bullet?

If you want to throw in an arc, then currently I have no solution.

But if you want to just fire a projectile, then I have a solution. From the sprites category, take out an shoot projectile from (sprite) block and attach it to an on button A pressed block from the controller category.

Send me the code, I got ya.

Thank you for the quick reply! But here is a picture of the A command block if you’d like to see it? (It’s only shooting to the right and I’d like it to shoot where the character is face)

ah, i see. In that case, you will want to follow this little video I prepared for you. I just created a really basic game with basic controls, animations, and physics.


Thank you so much!