Help Making a Game Console in MakeCode Arcade

@TZG use my build of CodeOS for some of Pixel Cast.

I know that it doesn’t seem like much on the surface but it will help your operating system feel more like an operating system than just a limited session.
For example it has storage and settings to keep data. @S0m3_random_guy also has this in his OS and I had it in the Cboy.

Just remember to give credit!

You deserve the credit because its your work!

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Well, not really. I never included it in mine, but i made something similar (idk how to spell that word so)

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I meant storage :confused:

Hello Everyone
We’re going to move the Pixel Cast discussion to our official Pixel Cast Github page! If you want to join, then go to one of my previous post and go to the Github link. See you there!

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Hello Everyone
I will not be working on The Pixel Cast on makecode anymore.
I can not spoil it but it will be awesome!
Thank you all for trying to help. I will still be here though.



The Pixel Cast will be an real console.


Really! That sounds like it may take a while tho

It will. But it will end up great!