Help Making a Game Console in MakeCode Arcade

I like old game consoles, like the Dream Cast, and always wanted to make on myself. So would anyone with coding, texturing, music, and (or) game design would like to help me make a Game Console?

i could

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Thank you. Idk if I could do it myself

This is all I got for now

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i dont really have the time too code that much of it, but i could work on the artwork

Yeah, of course!

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So like making a game console in a website game console?
Like some sort of console that you can play inside the console?

Made a settings button
btw you should make a GitHub repository for it

Yes it is.

hey @TZG u can use some of Cboy’s old code.

Nice texture! And yes I will make one.

I have made one right now. Go to Github and search for Pixel-Cast-P.C.-Console.

Okay. is it in blocks or java Script

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  • Scripts/Programming
  • Assets
  • Music/Sounds
  • Tips And Information(optional)

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Can you post the link to the Github repo


Thank you all for helping me. I have great plans.

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Personally, I would start with the behind the scenes stuff and work my way up from there. You can go to the github repo I have for CodeOS and wait for a few builds come and then you’ll have a realistic OS