Help plz

I am having a glitch or bug that when I start the game I win. :thinking:

You’re placing the player on a random goal tile?

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Just as @kwx pointed out, at the start of the game you are placing the player on a random tile, and you have an overlap event for the same tile where the player wins the game. You probably meant to use a different tile?


here is my code for the game.

Found you problem you put the win block onto the player

I still have the bug

In Assets/ javascript both tiles are labeled as ‘tile5’. Try recreating them.

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I fixed it! Thank you! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@ChickenBoy @Charliegregg2 Thanks for posting this, we actually ran into this ourselves just a little bit ago - seeing this post and solution helped narrow down what was happening a bit quicker!

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