HELP! sprite animation

I have a sprite that follows the player but I want to animate it so that when it flies left it looks like it is flying left and when it flies right it looks like it is flying right. I need a separate animation for each.

I think I can help ya

Welcome to the forum @Billybob!

Your project doesn’t seem to run.

Do you need help in the coding department or the art department?

Coding wise, you should use this really helpful extension. It will run your animations depending on what is happening, like if you are moving left, it will automatically switch over to the moving left animation, etc.

I’m afraid that I won’t be of any assistance in helping you draw. :frowning:

First, you named the status bars the same thing which is why there is an error for the bat.
You need to change the name of the status bars.


Now I will help you with the images.
Putting them in a game update will help. I got this technique from the MakeCode person who made a how to make a parkour cat game video. Thank you to whoever it was!!

I don’t know what you did in the bats for the animations but I will keep trying.
Sorry about that. It should work as good as I think. This is my best so I hope this works!!

Here ya go!

Me: Took me about 45 minutes to fix all the bugs
You: Gives an extension that solves everything under 1 minute

I think I’ve seen that extension before though. Is that @richard’s extension?


Sorry :laughing:

Yes, it is. I’m currently using it in my main project right now and it’s much easier than using the animation extension for these kinds of things.

I’m just trying to help.

I’m going to try that extension out. see what it does.

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Thank you so much! That means so much to me. Is there anything I can do in return? :smiley:

Could you think of some ideas? That could help. Haven’t made games lately except for a rubiks cube scrambler that totally confused me.

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Have you seen @darzu YouTube films on making a platformer game? There are really great for getting inspiration.

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yes, I’ve seen it. I’ve watched all the videos and finished the Tutorial