Help us choose the next mini gam jam theme!

Hey folks!

Did you know the next mini game jam starts Monday? Well it’s true and @jwunderl and I have been putting off deciding the next theme. Join us for stream tomorrow to help us decide what that theme will be!

What: Help us decide the next mini game jam theme!
When: 9/30/22 at 1:00 PM PDT

  1. Who won the last game jam?
  2. Fighting game jam
    (I’m only saying it here because I cant join the stream due to school :slight_smile:

because thats the only time of most of my work is due

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if i cant attend can i just say it here?

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a Space Platformer Game jam (Low Gravity) ye that’s it


Space Jam

Also move it back to 2pm if posable for those who have school

I’ll be there !!

Highly Specific :thinking:

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Yeah, I have school to do too, but I do like the sound of a space theme!


Now that the new topic is chosen, we need new ideas! How about… underground?

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I think we should do a food-themed mini-game jam, but I’m only saying it now as I have school too and cant join the stream as well

I know this has already been done but it would be cool to do a multiplayer or collaboration game.

sorry, that’s for me too most of the time

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