Help with another Basic Game

Im loving exploring the possibilites of Makecode Arcade - currently using it with a group of elementary learners to design our own games! First of all, I must admit I sometimes get frustrated when I can’t figure out how to solve something - what do people suggest I do to learn? I’ve done most of the tutorials etc…

Next - I made a basic game which is easy and I understand. But I want to add to it to make it better - It’s a game where items fall from the sky and a shark collects them. There is a timer and score.
NOW, I want to make different levels. Set different timers for each level and change the speed at which the items fall. I want this to increase with each level.

I can’t figure out how to set up the levels in this game - I learnt how to do it for a maze game using a function…Also not sure how to trigger the next level. I want to make it so that after x amount of time it changes level or after x amount of points… Finally I want to lose a life everytime an item hits the ground…But I used a bg image instead of a tile map…

Here is the game:


well you should be able to lose somehow. You also feel very stiff so some more freedom would be good.

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I’ve got some comments in the code, I am on the right track?

Read your comments and I definitely think you’re on the right track. Here’s a copy of your game with a few modifications.

Have a look at this code inside a on game update loop:

Using a few extra variables and changing them on the run, you can establish your levels and even speed of projectiles.

Also, in the game code, have a look at additions of show text and additional procedures using left and right triggers to flip the primary character depending on what direction you go. Hopefully you’re able to reverse engineer and recognise the added code then implement it as you see fit. Best of luck with your continued game development!