Help with codes

I want to somthing like this does anyone know the code to do it or extension

It’s an ask for number block, not an extension. It’s in the purple game category


Using this block (it’s in the game category), you can ask for a number. If you click the plus, you can also set a maximum length

thanks do you know how to attch it to a certain block like A slpash Command? variable?

Just drag the block into the rounded slot there

whats a rounded slot there

Here, I made a pretty basic level selector for you. When you input a number it loads one of the levels from 0 - 6.

Thanks Octodemon! Works perfectly!

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I was able to make a code that needs a password but it won’t do what I tell it to do heres the game/test

You could make an array of tilemaps and get value at level variable.

cool thanks!