Help with coding using VL53L0X V2 laser ToF on microbit

Hi guys! I’m working on using VL53L0X V2 laser ToF on the Microbit to measure distance. But I don’t know how to get it working. references I’ve found were mostly on Arduino boards. Could anyone help me out please?

I found under → extensions / ToF
Tinkercademy Makecode Package
for the VL53LOX Time-of-Flight

Under the new Category “rangefinder” I found “initialise” and " distance (in cm)"

But an Error acourt by “initialise”
I could not find an solution…


Did you make a correct connection ?

SCL → pin 19 (Micro:bit)
SDA → pin 20
VDD → 3V
GND → 0V
XSHUT - > 3V
INT → Not connected