Help with kiosks?

I only found out really about the kiosks and it would be awesome to play games on a bigger screen and buttons like that , do you buy the kiosk or what ? I’m confused how to get and use one and how I can put games on it

Hi @Segatendo !

For the kiosks we have on our web page, we suggest building one. They’re a little difficult to make, but not too bad.

You also have the option of making one out of cardboard and buttons that you can get off Amazon. For this version, you can just slip your laptop inside and use it like an arcade right on the desktop!

You can add the kiosk feature to any machine by visiting and using the arrow keys and space bar to get to “Add a game”.

See more instructions here!


thank you for the help , is there any way I can buy a controller that just plugs into my laptop and make a wooden arcade cabinet for my laptop to go inside? or do you have to know how to code to make the controller and joysticks ? also is there a way I can make like a kiosk account so I just keep the same kiosk code rather than after 10 minutes having to re add the games

Kiosk will work with any controller that is compatible with Game Pad APIs (the Mozilla docs if you’re curious:, which I think covers most controllers – for example, you can control Kiosk and play the uploaded games with an Xbox controller. Unfortunately, kiosks do not have associated accounts, but the games that you’ve added to your local kiosk should stay on your instance unless you clear your browser cache. The 10 minute code is a temporary code to upload games to your local kiosk. Even though the kiosk code changes, the games on your kiosk should not change every 10 minutes. Hope that helps!