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so i have a pygamer and meowbit and i would like to make a two player platformer and for a template i have used the smash bros game that was made by @jazzyburrito @Purp13 and @personalnote and i want to know if there is any way to make it so that there are two screens rather than both players have to be in the screen together all the time and the screen just draggs them id rather where the stay in screen is off and you could see the other player on you console going in and out the screen .and id also like to know is there a way to set the other player as a wall so there are platforms that you cant reach but both characters can jump onto the other sprite and just stays ontop even when the other player is moving .

Well Ummm That’s kind of hard first I think you need 2 of the same hardware.
But I am not Shure if you could do it with two defiant hardware

I dunno, sorry

I think there was an extension for an actual local co-op between 2 devices. You’ll have to search for it though. It was like Real Local Multiplayer or something like that. You can just search for multiplayer extension on the forums and see what you can find.

i cant find a single actually working multiplayer extension and the jacdac connectors are doing nothing .could anyone make an actually working extension as ive made a two people game platformer edition but even that doesnt work on hardware as multiplayer

I am looking for multiplayer connection ext too.
And as @kwx mentioned it seems no any one can work by now.

I think it would actually be easier if it were possible to make this a two-player game, for example using the cable connection for PyGamer, since then there’s no need to write enemy AI code. However, last I checked this wasn’t working: Hardware Multiplayer (game) - #39 by jwunderl

And I tried microsoft/pxt-jacdac also, but I didn’t found any device like Arcade. There’s almost all periphery devices, no other console device, execpt micro:bit V2.

Jacdac connector/cable has change to a dedicate form, I am afraid that simple audio cable are not support any more. Hope I am wrong about it.

As a alternative way, I maybe use spi/uart/i2c, or wireless card of Meowbit for connecting devices, at the time my project need it.

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The game would have to be modified to make it that way but it can work