Help with my Grade 3/4 Students and their games!

Hi, Students are creating their games and I help them with what I can and also check tutorials etc but somethings I don’t know…

My Grade 4 student followed a tutorial to create this:

  1. His character collects AJ (Alien Juice) but when the sprite touches the reward it adds 1 point multiple times so everytime it’s touching it’s adding points.

I think I did a fix in the past adding a pause after the change score by 1 but here it pauses the whole thing…

  1. Another thing is it’s an auto side scroller - Is there an easy way to add control - Being able to move the character and make it more of a platformer?


He also wants the character to collect Alien Juice - What would be the SIMPLEST way to do this - Is there a tutorial?

I have found this that I am going to share with him…

He is in Grade 4 - Would this be the simplest way of doing it? He wants to collect the item and add a score and destroy it.