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Henry stickmin recreation

pretty self explanatory

so yea i think is gonna be easy

here are all the endings that yes or yes are gonna be in the game:

StB: the bigining of all (this is super wrong spelled lol)

EtP: sneaky escapist (i think i spelled it wrong)

StD: unseen buglar (is it buglar or bulgar-)

ItA: Goverment supported investigator (basically charles)

FtC: pressumed death (you know why)

CtM: this one is pretty obvious

so yea wanna help?


@Colethewolf we need animations!
Also it is burglar @LaserFoxPro and beginning and dead, not death

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kk i didnt knew, also, do you wanna be in the cover page?

Actually let’s put ourselves as easter eggs, and better yet, expand on it!

Yea that is a good idea, so in what route do you want to be?

this got accepted instantly lol

Me too, also add me outside the window, with a bruh face, AKA:

ok, but outside of wich one

ill try and help if i can can you show me the work so far

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Any window

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some art

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@purple we havent done anything yet lol

@Agent_14 kk

also who wanna get aded as an easter egg?

Here are all the extensions i think we are gonna need:

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wait i forgot the status bars

can i be in it too?
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I’ve been wanting to make a Henry stickmin game in makecode ever since I found makecode lol can I help (maybe with programming because I’m not good with art)?

yea, meanwhile u help with smth


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