Hide & Seek

Introducing the Arcade form of the game you all played at some point- Hide & Seek! With Many updates, avoid the seeker and stick with others! When somebody gets out, they will be teleported to the jail!
You can Mod it if you like :smiley:


Please add an instructions. I don’t know what I am doing.


At the Start of the Game, you see this screen

Here you can select a map. Let’s say that I chose the City map. It will bring up the lobby screen.

It should notify you that the round starts in 30 seconds. As it fades to white, the timer goes down. When the timer hits 0, you will get notified who the seeker is.

In this case, Purple is our seeker. It might flash white, just press A to get it back to normal
The Score keeps track of the amount of players left in the game. The seeker will not count towards the score.
Once somebody gets found, a note like this will appear

(name) got caught! Only (number of hiders) remain
The score will also update to keep track of the amount of players remaining = image players left


image = Moving the Player (The Rainbow Person)
image = get a hint where the seeker is
Once you get found, you should be presented by a little animation, and the note that might say Player 1 got found! Only (number) remain.
Press B to view player by player. This will only view the players that still didn’t get caught. You should see the following screen

Order of cams: Maroon → Brown → Red → Orange → Yellow → Green → Teal → Blue → Purple → Pink → White → Maroon- and it repeats.
If you are the seeker, once you overlap a player, you get that player out.

Once the game is over, you should see a splash screen saying,
(name) was the last one standing! and once you press A, the game resets.


That is very helpful, thanks!


Improved color pallete


This is awesome!! so much personality and fun. I can see you put a lot of work into this. The only thing I would change is improving the AI slightly, as they sorta just run around, there isn’t much tension from a chase scene or two. Oh and a multiplayer, loading this onto hardware and playing with a friend would be really cool!! The amount of love put into the design and animations is astounding, and it leads to a really polished feeling game. Well done! I particularly love the lobby countdown w/ fade to white, and the hiding mechanic, as well as the little death animations and alerts when your fellow players get hit. The whole game is just so fun to play! Thank you for sharing!


that is actually randomized movement.

You’re welcome @squidink7!

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I’m going to post a thread soon about how mechanics of this will turn into some sort of an Among Us game. More on that when the topic comes out

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Hide & Seek- But in 2.5D!
arcade-Hide-Seek (23)
arcade-Hide-Seek (25)
arcade-Hide-Seek (30)
arcade-Hide-Seek (34)
Here are some screenshots :wink:

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