Hits wall event doesn't fire

I feel like I’ve missed something really obvious and fundamental but - I can’t figure out how to get the “on sprite of kind [] hits wall at []” event to fire.

Say you have a sprite with “bounce on walls” set to ON. It will bounce around a blank screen. But if I add an “on sprite of kind [] hits wall at []” event, it does not seem to fire. I’ve tried toggling “bounce on walls” on and off, verified that the sprite kind is correct.

What am I missing? Is there something I need to do to define a “wall”? Is “bounce on walls” somehow not compatible with this event?


That block is for tilemap walls. You can edit the tilemap in scene.

Ah, I see. Thanks very much! I’ve put a blank 10x8 tilemap in place now and the event is firing correctly.

(That’s the best dimensions I could work out to get the tilemap to fit with the size of the screen, but it seems like it’s not quite lining up on the y-axis - 10x7 is slightly too short, and 10x8 slightly too tall. But it’s got me over that hurdle!)

You can add the extension riknoll/small-tilemaps to get a block with 8x8 tiles which you can use to fit the screen perfectly.

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Ah - amazing! Thanks!

i had bugs when i started