How can I incorporate Perlin noise into my game?

Of course, I want it for terrain generation. I don’t want big hard stuff, because I’m not that good at things like noise. Is there a way to do this?

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I have trying this for a while to figure out how to use Perlin noise and make code and I got a start but I don’t now how to make it draw a line

Perlin noise

I don’t want big hard stuff

those dont seem like they belong in the same post
if still active try copying off github or trying to find an extension

so is there a way to make a sprite draw a line

I don’t think it’s easily possible currently, but it would be nice to see a pen extension for Makecode like in Scratch.

You can just allocate a screen buffer (full screen image) and use the image blocks. For circles import the sprite utils extension for those blocks.

yes i agree this i say because i’ve been doing a lot of research into this if i figure out a way or if somebody finds a way to make a sprite draw a line then this will be very helpful