How can microbit control DC motor direction?

Hi, I want to know, can it easily a microbit change rotate direction of a DC motor?
I saw some pages showing that it can help with a motor drive module. But I want to know if it can simplily just microbit to control DC motor directly.
All I want to operate is that if press button A, DC motor start rotate to one direction, and pres button B to start to rotate on another direction.

How can I apply on this? Thanks

Reversing direction on a regular DC motor isn’t possible without additional parts (motor controller or similar circuits made from transistors or relays).

There are a lot of affordable motor controller boards that deal with both direction other motor-related challenges, like supplying power. You may want to look into them.

Or you may want to consider a continuous rotation servo, which has a sort of controller built-in. It is possible to control their direction, but they often still need additional power sources.

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