How do i convert this ringtone into rtttl file for Arcade?

Any ideas ?

Sorry, I think it is not actually a ringtone as yet. I am now seeing that it must be converted into a ringtone from the MP3 and then into .rtttl ? Any suggestions ?

Please help, we are making progress converting HumpBack whale songs into ringtones for import into Microsoft Arcade program via rtttl extension. But we are not there yet. we are writing a “migration adventure story” in Arcade and want to add Whale music.
I have downloaded the HB Whale song and found a conversion app. , for sheet music. Now we need to convert that into an .rtttl file so we can import it as a ringtone into the Arcade story. Please help us do this. Thank you.

I’ve been unable to successfully convert the score into the RTTTL format without it sounding like carp. But I was able to get the .midi file:

(This file will expire in 30 days so download it quick)
I did this by converting the PDF file you provided into a .mscz file which can be edited and exported to .midi in the Musescore editor. (which is free) Usually the service doesn’t work for me but I guess what you are doing makes the website happy. Here’s the link to the PDF to .mscz site: (You will need an account, which is also free)

Thank you @UnsignedArduino for responding to this. I will follow on you work. I do not know how to use a midi file in Arcade, if that was the goal, maybe John Edgar Park knows how as I have seen him work with music or attempt it. There must be a way to get any ‘music’ into an .rtttl format because so many have been done and posted to the Arduino repository of .rttttl music; just need to work on it more to figure it out. Thanks again !

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@UnsignedArduino , OK, it’s possible that I did not make myself clear while asking the question to start the thread. What I am wanting to do is to take a recorded Humpback Whale vocalization (song) and convert it into a ringtone file which I think is .rttttl and then import that via the ringtone extension into the MakeCode Arcade environment so that it can be played back on Arcade hardware: Meowbit. I did not mean for that to be a pleasant human musical tune. Not a piano piece. Rather, the vocalizations projected from one HBW to another. Now, I did the first part by converting the audio recording of a HBW from Youtube into sheetmusic .pdf. I’d like to hear your “carp” playback if you would post it here, that may be what I wanted.

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On this subject, I have tried to install this extension in both MakeCode Arcade and Microbit. It shows up at the bottom of the list of tools under “music” and will not activate in Arcade but might in Microbit:


Microbit: the editor does not cry when I click on the extension here under music so it might work:

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humpback w:d=4,o=5,b=120:2p,8d6,148p,8c6,148p,17g#,274p,8f#.,2p.,17a#6,274p,17e6,274p,8f6,p.,2f6,1p.,8f.4,101p,2e.6,26p,17g#8,274p,g#.8,52p,8f#,148p,17f,274p,f.,p.,g#.8,52p,8g#,148p,8f,14p,8e6,148p,2g#.6,26p,17e6,p,g#.6,52p,8g#,148p,g#6,7p.,2g#6,39p,17e6,274p,17f#6,274p,8a#.6,p.,f#,77p,g#.6,5p,2e.6,1p,8g#8,p,8a#.8,101p,17g#8,274p,17g#8,274p,8g#8,148p,8d,148p,17c,274p,8b4,2p,8g#.8,101p,8d,148p,8g#8,148p,17g#4,8p,2a#.6,8f#6,8p.,8c#.8,101p,17c#8,274p,17a,274p,2f6,2p,17f,274p,8e6,148p,8g#.8,14p,17g#7,274p,c#.8,52p,17f6,274p,8f,148p,17d#8,274p,17d,274p,8e.8,1p,8a4,148p,2g4,1p,1g,9p.,1f#,1p,2a#.4,26p,8a#4,148p,2g.4,1p,2g#8,39p,17g#8,274p,2g#8,39p,1g#8

I used for this.

I think we’re making progress @UnsignedArduino . The pitch is wrong or maybe too ‘tinnie’, but I think there is a quality correlation to the sound in terms of relationship of notes and duration, depending on tempo. Compare the Arcade code to the YouTube sounds:

This is at least the first progress, Thanks for your help ! !

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