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How do I create a Makecode extension?

I’ve written code within Makecode for MicroBit and would like to put it in a package or an extension to benefit others. So far, tutorials have provided no helpful step-by-step explanations or tutorials. In one video the presenter seems to have no script and makes it up as he goes along. Sad. Here’s an example of cryptic information:

“You’ll then be prompted to sign in to GitHub (if you don’t already have a GitHub account, you can create one by clicking the link on the sign in page). Once logged in, the Import dialog on the home screen should have an option to create a new GitHub repository or clone an existing one. Follow it.”

Create a repository or clone an existing one. Huh??? Why?

And another, from Sparkfun this time:

“We’ll then clone the PXT directory into our GitHub folder and run these npm packages we just installed. At the end, back out to the GitHub folder once more. This is accomplished with the following commands.”

What the heck is PXT or npm and why do I care? No explanation.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks. --Jon

Thanks for asking these questions, Jon. Waiting for answers too and seeing your extension.

English is not my first language, but I hope this helps:

When you create a GitHub repository with the Makecode editor it automatically sets everything up for you to share your project as an extension to others.

To do create the GitHub repository you can click on the GitHub icon (with a cat) that is on the bottom of your Makecode project (next to the disk icon) and then click on Sign In.
It will take you to a GitHub login page where you can create an account if you don’t have one.

Good Luck


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Thank you very much. Your information is very helpful.