How do I use mouse extension

I’m trying to make a game that uses at least some kind of mouse mechanic. How do I do this?

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I have not used it. I wish I can help!

If you want to make a moveable mouse then just make a sprite and make it moveable! Then you can (If you want) make a collider! Make a 1*1 sprite which is positioned at the tip of the mouse! Then make a game update where it sets the collider sprite x and y to the mouse (Dont forget the offset (so for example set collider x ((sprite x) + (3) )
Done! Hope this helps

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The mouse extension can make your hardware (Like meowbit) a mouse! (As far as I know)

What DahbixLP said is a good idea, I’ve done it many times very well! But instead of manually figuring out the offset, what you could do is set the top and the left of the collider to the top and the left of the cursor so you don’t have to figure out of the offset!

im not smart enough to understand what you are saying

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I made 2 examples!
This one uses a trick! But make sure you sometimes reset the positions!

Here is the one I was talking about!

Hope this helps!

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