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How do U spawn enemies in Minecraft?

I am trying to use strings to spawn enemies. However, I am not so sure about how to spawn them. Can you please help me?

use /summon

Sorry. I want to use code in Microsoft MakeCode Blocks to make strings that determine the hostile mobs for each wave. For example 1 for a zombie, 2 for a skeleton, 3 for a creeper, etc. So wave 7 might look something like this: 112231123322

So idk how to make these things

Yeah. That’s my question.


Sorry. That is not what I mean. Take a look at this project, it uses strings to spawn enemies.

Maybe something like this???

So what it does is replicate a dictionary using two arrays. Then you pass in a (long) string to the summon_mobs function which is separated by ,. It splits the string into an array and summons the mob at the specified coordinates.

I like to use strings to spawn enemies

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