How do you get the device's version and if it's in the Simulator?

I’m making a game for my Meowbit and I want to use its LED via the official extension by Kittenbot. But the emulator can’t simulate it running '(the same happens when using the wireless module). I remember a command in javascript allowing me to get a device’s version and/or if it’s in the emulator but I haven’t been on Makecode (needed that too) so how do I do it? It’s something like .DeviceVersion

control.deviceDalVersion() will return sim if it’s in the browser

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Funny enough I found it as I made the post… lol

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At this point I thought I’d interject and advertise my super handy-dandy extension:

Block control, an extension that adds all of the functions from the control namespace as blocks! So, if you ever need them in block form, you know where to find them

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Ooooo Thx! That makes like much easier!