How do you take gifs?

Should be there after you press the recorder button (not in the settings)


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wow i finally get to see what they used to look like

If anyone is still interested in this topic, if you don’t need to edit your gifs after recording them I use OBS to record as it’s much smoother (and looks more pro :sunglasses:) and then I use ffmpeg (which is kinda hard to obtain now :thinking:) to convert the Matroska (.mkv) files to .gif files with:

ffmpeg -i "obs screen recording.mkv" "obs screen recording.gif

i had to use google drive because that’s the only way i know how to take videos but this is how you take a gif

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Roblox Player Client!


hahaha yes don’t mind my messy desktop. :sweat_smile: The only game I play is like Tower of H*** and I suck at it :pensive:


ya know you can also say Heck than H*** but i don’t know and i’m bad at tower of heck that sometimes i want to smash my phone or computer

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Hahaha same. Also I believe there is a Tower of Heck and I don’t want to confuse anyone between the two.

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yup well that’s the only tower of heck that i know and s’more but that’s the only game that i know that’s named tower of H___

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CAn you show me how to create a gif?