How do you take gifs?

how do you take gifs?

Honestly I have no idea as well

tente baixar o gif ou o video

ai vc coloca lá

sorry i can’t understand you/…

They seemed to have removed it - can’t find it where it used to be :frowning:

when you publish it, under the title, shouldn’t it show? it’s like a square if i remember

Maybe it changed into video recordings?

Yeah, but now I can only see the take picture button. It used to be their too

I use this app called “snipping tool” but it only takes pictures.



BTW, you know you can press Win + Shift + S to activate the snipper?

What is Win?

Win is the Windows key

That makes sense

Here’s the programs I typically use to make screen recording gifs:

Screentogif does not seem to support recording a gif at a frame rate greater than 1FPS anymore :frowning:

Weird, I’m primarily using a windows pc at the moment and it’s working fine for me :frowning: might be a settings issue? It has the target fps as an option in the bottom right corner for me / changes properly when that setting is changed.

Either I’m blind and I can’t see it (more likely) or it’s not there. :frowning:

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I don’t see it either. I wear glasses though. I guess I am blind I guess…

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It is not there!!!