Microsoft MakeCode

How it all started

A lot of people might know me… And I wanted to show you how my journey started!
First I started coding in school. Our Physics Teacher introduced us to the micro:bit and I instantly loved it! For christmas I got a micro:bit and coded some simple stuff. Then I wanted to do games… but I do not always want to download the code just to play a game… So I decided to make one code with multiple games! I was proud when I made 2 games work! Then I had an idea and got 3, then 5 and the in the end 5 games and 3 apps working. This was my first real project and knew I could do more! I really loved it and even made a Word for explenations and more!
( 5 Games 3 Apps 1 Code by Dahbix ( )
Then I was searching for more games to make and found Makecode Arcade! And Boom I started coding, went on the forum and started watching all the streams! I want to thank the people who helped me! If you want to share your story go ahead!
Thanks for everything!


And well… Here is where my journey ends… Goodbye


bye @DahbixLP. :slightly_frowning_face:


Why are you leaving? :frowning: Sad to see you go


bye @DahbixLP. :sob: :sob: :sob:

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