How many extensions

How many extensions are there? I see the ones on the main page but I don’t know the link to any of the others! thank you

You’re going to have to search through the forum for them - there are many great extensions made by very smart people here!

But it would be cool if there was a thread on the forum where you could submit a extension so we don’t have to scour our memories (and the forum) for it!

OK thank you so much!

In arcade or another place?

You would search for them here!

So should I just type extensions?

Searching for “extensions” does work quite nicely!

OK thanks :grin:

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There’s also a tag for extensions; I don’t know if it’s consistently applied to all of the extensions though:

Getting to the tags is kind of awkward in Discourse:

… then:

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There are infinite extensions to be made