How sensitive is the light sensor?

Hi all,

I am testing the embedded light sensor on the microbit. It appeared it would only detect values if I have a torch light shining very closely on the LEDs. Is this the same for everyone or am I missing some step that makes it more accurate or sensitive.

I am in a room during the day time, it’s showing 0. I would think it should at least give me some readings since it’s day time, I am not even in complete darkness.
I can get some readings if I use a torch to shine on the LED but it would only record readings if my torch is like 30 cm from the microbit, beyond that it shows 0 light level.

thanks all,

Mr Hope

I think I figured out, it appears to be working per design. the light sensor on microbit is not really sensitive, a photoresistor would help if you want to detect light with more accuracy.