How to deploy in own server , If i want to add new block in makecode

I want to add new block in makecode and wanted to deploy it , so how can i do it .

What editor are you using? You can create an extension and define new blocs in there.

no no , i made a new code for a block , and wanted to add it and then deploy it in the server .

Hello @Peli, Thanks for your quick reply. Trust you are keeping well and safe. The tutorial share by you helped me understand a part of my problem to create a custom block. But I’m stuck at deploying the makecode on my custom domain and for my own custom board simulation and programming. Any leads on how to do that?


I didn’t get those stuffs very well , How could i deploy it.

This process only help me to run in local server , but i have to deploy in google VM.

Sorry we’re not familiar with google VM. staticpkg generates a flat file web site that you can run with a simple web server. What are you trying to do?

Ok i am not aware of staticpkg , ok now can please provide me any tutorial or anything so that i can deploy that codemaker code from github on my server not local .

can you please suggest?

@kunal614 the output of staticpkg can be served with any static web server. Documentation on how to set up a static webserver is outside MakeCode’s scope and depends on how you’re hosting the website.

I’d suggest looking for a tutorial on how to serve a static website in a google vm and then just dump the output of staticpkg into the public directory

sir you said to dump all the files, pxt , pxt-common packages and pxt-maker for static hosting , but in here what about modules like pxt , npm , It automatically takes ?


Sir last help please , I have created static website of this but how to run , I mean i have ine domain
But how should i run static file , like this?

Sir thank for helping me , I have one last issue
1st one , what is the main file i have to run during deployment?
2nd one , I asked in stackover flow

3rd one , I also run static file in git hub but it also create problem with assertion , it says assertion denied.

There is a regression with the compiler in maker currently.