How to get real life latitude and longitude?

How do I get real life latitude and longitude?
I couldn’t find any exstention for it.
Please help :smiling_face_with_tear:


:person_shrugging: I know how to get compass heading but latitude and longitude are on a very large scale and are usually measured by GPS.

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The MakeCode Arcade hardware specification does not require a GPS module, so none of the boards don’t have it. You may be able to wire up a GPS module to the serial pins and parse the data directly with serial blocks, although I don’t remember Arcade actually have a blocks API for reading from the UART. This will also obviously not work in the simulator.

I don’t think this will ever happen in the simulator, due to the fact that multiplayer over the internet is now supported, and being able to obtain the coordinates of someone is, not the safest thing to do.


Ah yes, the trick of the double negative. JK, ik it’s just a typo.
Basicaly, everything he said, this is far too big-scale stuff for MakeCode which has simple retro games in focus, not worldwide networks that have features close to those of modern smartphones


Oh, I usually program audrino uno. Sorry :sweat_smile:

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