How to make an enemy that follows you to the right or left and doesn’t fly

So I am making an enemy that follows you so if you’re left then it goes to the left or if you’re on the right it goes right. Now I know that there is the follow sprite thingy but that makes the enemy fly and the enemy is smaller than the player so it’s levitating. Here is a link to the game. Bc I don’t want the enemy to fly after you when you jump. I want it to stay on the ground. Help much appreciated.
The enemy is named Dumbarn and main character Poul

this is easy to do with an “on game update” block! here’s some sample code:

if you have multiple enemies in your game, you’ll need to wrap it in a “for each” loop like this:

Thanks this was what I was looking for but I messed around and made what I was looking for. Thanks for the help