How to make chords

By chord I’m going to assume a music chord. What the duration and octave?

well can you change the duration after making the chord?

Well, yes. Just change the duration of the notes inside the chord.

Ok. But do you know how to make the chords?

Sure. What type do you need? (Although, I suck at music theory so it’s probably better if you give me the note names directly :sweat_smile:)
And remember the note limit is 5 at the same time and they can’t go farther than 2 seconds.

Eb chord (Eb G Bb)


Well something is wrong

You can’t put duration directly, as number. Instead you must use beat block, last block in Music section.

I think 1 ms is too short :wink:

You can use regular numbers for duration, no need to use a beast block. I do this all the time.

Hand was faster than brain. :slight_smile:


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and when I try this, it makes a weird sound

You can’t play more than 5 notes at the same time.

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Well how?

I’m sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean? You want to play more than 5 notes?

Here’s a discussion about it:

Well i mean that I want to play more than 5 notes.

Yea, you can’t play more than 5 notes. :frowning: