How to make recurring events?

I am making a bonus heart spawn in my game, but i cant find anything that lets me do something every 5 points. I have searched everywhere online, and I can’t find anything. If there is a block for that, or extension, I would love to see it.


Set another variable, and change it with your score. When the score reaches 5 reset the variable to 0 and spawn the bonus heart. (Assuming the score increments by 1)

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Thank you! one thing is, when i am coding the game, i use the block “Destroy Variable” not sure if this is affecting the later spawns, but after the first one, none of them will spawn. Is the destroy block affecting that? If not, what could be?

No it shouldn’t affect it unless its running constantly

let me show you the code. It is the best way i could think of, but I am open to if you give improvement ides

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I think it’s the pause until false block

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