HOW TO Make Save File for Saving Progress or Loading

Any tutorials or videos how to save progress in a game so the player can continue from where the left off?

Is there a way to create Save Files with MakeCode? So if two players have the same game, they’d each still have unique experience with their own saved progress.

try the settings extension. i myself am having bugs and problems with it so you’re either going to have to ask someone else for help on it or look in the forums yourself.

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the game it self cannot save the file, but some “extensions” can. Heres one of the extensions:
or, of corse:


Hi, BellBlitzKing, welcome to the MakeCode forums!
If you look at the extensions, there is a save file extension, which you can use to save variables! You can use the blocks included and save the variables progressively, and so load them in on start! Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for these solutions!