How To Make Status Bars Proximity Triggered

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1. Status Bars - Proximity
I want to make a farming game and so I’m starting with chopping trees. I’ve made an array of trees, attached status bars to them and hidden them, but I want to make it so that when my character walks away they disappear without losing their data.

2- HUD Option with text Sprites
I also want to make a HUD using the text sprites (as they have some icons)… however… as my character moves around, I don’t know how how attach them to my sprite? I want to use text sprites to show actual numbers as opposed to a status bar.

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One very useful extension is @jwunderl’s arcade-sprite-util. You can grab it by pasting this into the extension search box:


One of the blocks in that category with calculate the distance between two sprites and you can use it with an on game update interval to trigger code when the player gets close

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