How to make turrets shoot like a bullet hell type game

so basically I’m making a type of bullet hell game where you can choose to become one of 5 ships (1 is currently fully made, the others which I haven’t added don’t work yet) so I’m just trying to figure out how to make turrets" shoot at player with like a Touhou kind of vibe.

another thing I’m wondering is how to like make my “turrets” spawn one time only so like if you have cleared a room, makes enemies not spawn anymore if you visit that room again.

hi, i’ve done something like this before in my earlier tests of my game Requiem, where I created a turret that only fires when it can see enemies. You can modify the code to your liking.

And for your second question, I hope i’m not wrong, but you can just change the tilemap if the player overlaps with a certain tile. That should hopefully not respawn enemies.

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alright thank you

what is combat form variable linked with, and the yellow block extension btw?

  1. please clarify more. I do not understand what you mean by, “variable linked with”, as I do not recall the combat form variable being “link” with anything.
  2. use this extension