How would a SUPER makecode arcade game be like?

you know how when a lot of the the NES franchises went to the super Nintendo and they just called there game super (INSERT FRANCHISE NAME) on the SNES? how would something like a really popular game on this forum or something like AbstractDesigner’s roller game or Diego: fate or how ever you say the title had a graphical update like one like a SNES game with even more stuff than the first like Diego fate having loads of power ups (I don’t know if the actual game has power ups) and rewards you find by looking around in the level to find them like seeing a suspicious looking wall and getting a 1 up to encourage the player to just explore around in the level for secrets just like how yet again in Diego: fate has multiple pathways which makes the game replayble.


A little rewrite for any struggling to understand the post (no hate to gold here, I think they are still learning!):
Do you know how when a lot of the NES franchises that made games on the Super Nintendo just added ‘Super’ to the beginning of the name? How would a really popular Makecode Arcade game be like with the same graphical update and added features that these ‘super’ games received? An example would be how Diego Fate got new power-ups and rewards that made the game even more repayable and fun!

My answer: EPIC! I would encourage people to try this. Shake up the graphics, add bonuses, new rewards, and new stories! Adding 'super' is much more fun that slapping a 2 on the end.

I been waiting for someone else to actually talk about this.

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