Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, and while I could blame school, I’m also a procrastinator, so that’s probably the real reason.

Getting back on topic, as you can see, this is a FNaF Bonnie Test, specifically testing the jumpscare. Just press A and Bonnie will jumpscare you and give you a Game Over. Very simple right now, but I hope to make a more playable FNaF experience. I also had the footstep sound effect loop in the office to emulate the fan sound in the original game.

The graphics were made in the Convert Image to Makecode Sprite Tool, which works perfectly for FNaF since all it’s graphics are prerendered 3D images. The program was originally made in blocks but was converted to Javascript, because Javascript runs faster I think?

Well that’s all, tell me what you think!


JavaScript doesn’t run faster automatically, but it makes it easier to optimize. You also aren’t limited to the blocks available. (You can use pretty much any TypeScript syntax that is valid)

Also taking a quick look at the code, you can try using the animation block, which will make your code for the bonnie jumpscare animations more compact.

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VERY GREAT GOOD THING THE the assests to makecode assets exist its very cool