Here’s an updated version of my game. More is coming, and I hope you like it!


i still cant access it

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OK, that’s weird. Maybe try and click the link to my updated version of Sonic. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll see what I can do.

  • link for updated version above

new update


Cool progress being made on this game. Awesome stuff :grinning:!

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Just made some big adjustments to the running cycle and the music. I even upgraded some of the levels. Hope you like it! Soon, it will be fully complete.

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Improved on the music a bit and made some changes to the levels to make them better.

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Some changes where made like, for say, a chaos homing attack. Play to find out more!

this is awesome i like the animations it kinda reminds me of movie sonic

Yo this is great also you could’ve posted it on the old topic for the original game

Yeah this game is probobly based off of after movie1

Hey, it’s been a while since I was here. No, the game isn’t based off of the movie, but has movie sonic looks since I think movie sonic looks amazing! Here are some updates, as well as some features for Shadow and Sonic. Still not fully finished, though I love it all the while.

Hello, everybody! I’ve got some more stuff for the game and actually, Segatendo, you were right. It is based off of the movies series, but it involves after the quote on quote “3rd Sonic movie”, with Shadow being playable and all. I added a few cut scenes and other mechanics, but still there’s more to come. Hope you all like the game thus far!