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I accidentaly posted the same topic twice

I accidentaly posted the same topic twice because I made it while I was looking at my other topic, and it showed up as a reply on the other topic. Is this a bug in the forums? I thought that it had become a reply so I copied and deleted it and reposted it on the homepage. When I checked the pending posts on my profile both the original and copy were there. Well anyway if moderators see this please delete the second one and let the first one go through. There should be a way to delete pending posts.

Hey just letting you know I don’t think they delete pending posts if they violate the system they use just makes them page not found links

No, I mean users should be able to delete their own pending posts.

Oh yeah they should seriously make it so you can delete your own pending posts

I think you can delete your own posts…

in the pending tab? Not already posted.