I need help making a title screen for my game

alright, here’s the deal. I’m making a game that was originally Project Hoplings: Reborn, then Project Hoplings, and now its just Hoplings. it’s near perfect, but there’s one small problem. I need a title screen for my game and I don’t know the first thing about how to make one. can someone help me?


The Arcade Font Renderer by jacob_c would be a good start. You can use it to create cool title text!


The best thing to do is just make a background (with your game’s character, elements from the game, enemies etc…) add the game’s title with a cool font and make a start game sign.

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i may have worded that incorrectly. see, i followed the instructions you guys gave me, but since the game had no point of reference for anything, it can’t start up. i need more than just tips.

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  1. Put code in “on start” into a function (StartGameFunction)
  2. Make a boolean variable (Pause) and set it to true (put in on start)
  3. Make sure everything is set to “if not pause” (game updates, button inputs, forever loops…)
  4. On A pressed (or whatever input you want) make the variable false and run “on start function”